Hoontech DSP24 + ADDA2000 / DSP2000 C-Port
Hoontech DSP24 + ADDA2000 / DSP2000 C-Port

DSP24 + ADDA2000 / DSP2000 C-Port, PCI/ISA + Rack Soundcard from Hoontech.

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bloodsugar 04/18/2003

Hoontech DSP24 + ADDA2000 / DSP2000 C-Port : bloodsugar's user review


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I wanted a dedicated audio card (not the mutlimédia) with the maximum input / output for a small budget (I know, that's a lot)

Overall, the card has an external rack that provides:
- 8 analog inputs / outputs in jack (with preamp with XLR inputs)
- A zero-latency headphone output
- 1 + 1 in Midi MIDI out
The card itself offers O "multimedia" mini jack ansi format a digital input / output (available in optical or coaxial)
The card supports multi client (ie you can use ASIO drivers on such output and GSIF drivers on other ... it's practical)

My config: Athlon XP 1800 + with 256 MB RDRAM and 2 HDD of 40 GB 7200 rpm (1 for OS / software, one for sound files) IMPORTANT: use motherboards with NVidia or Intel chipset. ESPECIALLY NOT VIA !!!!!!

I use it with Cool Edit Pro for multitrack and 2 Reason for virtual instrumentals.
I have a latency of 21 ms but I ressends no delay using virtual instrumentals.


Installing XP without problems.
Tip: fetch the latest drivers for your motherboard and the XP driver for the card on the site ST-Audio.
ATTENTION, if the IRQ of the sound card is shared: system crash guaranteed! (It's weird at first)
The config of the card after the OS is very simple. We find the system's virtual patch cables with Reason hanging. It's intuitive.
The site (in English) is excellent. Good support. Drivers for days. FAQ assets.


Drivers very stable under XP (from the time you have a unique IRQ)
I get a latency of 21 ms. That's enough to use virtual intruments (no need to search 2ms latency at all costs if you agree 20)

With Cool Edit Pro, I can save without problems 8 tracks simultaneously.
For playback, I get a playback of about thirty tracks mono / stereo (I have not gone away for now)


I use it in a home studio setup for over a year.
+ I love the 8 analog I / O full duplex and MIDI input / output on the external rack (no noise, because outside the PC).
+ The quality / features / unbeatable price!
+ Stable drivers for XP
+ Mutliclient mode I / O

"Little less" - the headphone output of the rack noisy (but very useful all the same because no latency)
"Little less" - the power to the rack not included (allow 30 / 40 euros for a good PSU that will avoid noise)

Config for a home studio (say semi-pro) this card is unbeatable!
This choice I would do without hesitation.
Note, however: it seems that problems are inevitable incompatibility with VIA chipset (should not be used with this card so)