Hoontech DSP24 + ADDA2000 / DSP2000 C-Port
Hoontech DSP24 + ADDA2000 / DSP2000 C-Port

DSP24 + ADDA2000 / DSP2000 C-Port, PCI/ISA + Rack Soundcard from Hoontech.

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Guibsouille 07/01/2002

Hoontech DSP24 + ADDA2000 / DSP2000 C-Port : Guibsouille's user review


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I saw the notice of rcemment FRAPPIER Olivier on the map Hoontech DSP24 / ADDA200.
I have to perform all necessary this message ... )
I 'dsespr', because of multiple pbs recontre, when used ...

Use in home studio:
P3, 600 Mhz, 512 Ram ... Os = 98 / W2k
Ide 7200 rev / min
Motherboard: Abit SE6

The report kalitprix terrible t ...
On paper, it is paradise!

Trs beautiful design ... (Ahhh this beautiful 'blue' ... which marries so well with the notches error windobe ...)!


The drivers of 98 exist, but:

(1) bp of hardware / driver: 1 out of 3 at boot, there is no sound carrment see a big sound 'crachouillis' parasite scare .... Fo reboot by dyeing the computer each time, what ... (La Bamba, '1 ')
(2) a souflle actually quite important, at the outputs ... you can hear the hard drive spinning, and when you click with the mouse 'right click' on the parasite s'attnue .... sound output from the external card! I rsolu the bp, with an external power supply, rack ext ... but no time, the doc or the trademark referred to this problem ... And again, the breath is still ... Submitted (La Bamba, '2 ')
(3) clicks, pops and crak when recording, but it seems to the SETTING THE card ... (The Bamba '3 ')
(4) for the price ... c cheap, sr ... but nivo breath, my pressure cooker could do ... oting )

As for the 'drivers' W2k / Xp, read on:


Well, I was working on W98SE, then, because I want to run Cubase + Reason + Gigastudio in 'satellite', I had to buy the memory, otherwise, planted ... The pb is that W98 or worse, what I read, the memory at 256MB del. With my 512, ADCON always under W98, koi ...
O On my ide to pass under W2000. And here I am with my 512 MB install the DSP24 prt ... and then l. .. !! Blue Screen 'IRQL NOT LESS OR NOT ...' that tells me the driver for the card is not recognized (the latest version anyway driver for W2k, but beta version):

"Installing INF file for ST Audio DSP24 series WDM Driver
Beta7 Release2 Driver (2002-03-06) - Single-Client GSIF enabled "

Voil is the fte, what ...

It's been a year and a half that the drivers are still in 'beta' on W2k ... and saw how it ran on W98, I expect miracles too ...

N'tant not an 'nb' informatik in music, I do not believe I'm the only one having this kind of bp with this card ...

I will not waste the characters to say what I think the point dveloppeurs this brand ... and brand in gnral ... too much ink adj coul ...

The use that I wanted to make simple yet t ...

Just to get the sounds of my expanders / synths in the computer ... trankillou mix and then burn your exact ...


If you ever your happy with this card and its latest drivers (miracles ??!!), let us enjoy your version of 'test' / 'alien' driver ... ! )

One and a half of 'loyal' services **** m))))

Next week is bulky in my neighborhood ...

Since I'm running W2k, I removed the card carrment the computer ... and I think I rabbatre on the gear audio, worthy of the name! ;)

If you need a map to use a pro / semi-pro...jetez a look at 'RME' (Multiface) / 'Motu (828)' / 'EgoSys (Wami Rack) and so on of the best ....

As such, an APRS number of hours on forums and with tl zicos friends ... I still can not make me choose

If kelkun can help me for the final choice!

Thank you for our answer:


and share your personal exprience about this product ...

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