MOTU 2408
MOTU 2408

2408, PCI/ISA + Rack Soundcard from MOTU in the 2408 series.

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fireopia 04/25/2003

MOTU 2408 : fireopia's user review


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The multitude of possibilities to connect either in midi, audio, and the possibility to connect the ADATS. In addition, trs prsentation is clear and simple. I use it to record my band in my spare time. J'ulise an amd 2000 +, 1GB PC2100 DDR ram, motherboard ASUS A7N266 + lan, HDD 120 GB, Win XP pro. An intellectual is a little better, but even running as serious!
I use a behringer mx8000 and 02R. rendering is good trs


Installation without too much problem, except under xp because the software comes with motu is compatible with Windows 98 and 95 must then download any drivers for xp home motu. The drivers are always put in motu days so no problem. Installation of the card, and configure oprationnelle in 20 min. Therefore relatively simple configuration, when you know a little computer. The manual and clear and simple (well done), he explains the establishment to win and mac.


Stable drivers xp (impeccable) and they are updated. I use it with Logic Audio 5.1 (perfect compatibility), not with cubase since found a little rotten. Get low latency 5ms, so it's real time.
I recorded 8 tracks simultaneously and 16 read with 10 Effects, trs running well. I think we can record many more tracks with no problem


I use it for 15 days and I had no problem yet! (Rare for a sound card especially beginners)
even if it is no longer marketed (stopped in 2000), it is always on top. I have everything on this map, sound, connectivity, the simplicity ... nothing wrong, if it is not enough for many of you can connect two other 2408 on the PCI card!
I try many MODELS (first the isis is a shit, a Terratec way as crunches and driver trs not stable; A edirol, but not much more)
Certainly it is a little pricey, but worth it! it really is the best investment I made for a sound card!
for now I do it again this choice and I think I'll stay Fidler motu!