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The Monz 07/21/2005

MOTU 24I/O : The Monz's user review


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As part of a project intercom in my Socit we should have a system that allows to communicate in a twenty audio speaker (char simulator;)

The only product we found in homogne as its inputs (ie 8 by 16 ana + num) silent
this one.

So the choice of this product was a natural.

In addition, the possibility to connect 4 24 i / o on a PC and therefore be in a configuration that can
get up to 96 speakers silent we lment dcisif which we have chosen the coupling 24i / o + software rather than a solution based matrix Audio (more onreuse clean silence as a control protocol of the matrix


The installation was done by following the procedure MOTU ..


Install drivers

Then install the hardware.

Trs simple configuration ... the mixer is easy to use ...

The definition of routing is as simple as the CHAC attnuation.

Manuel prcis clear.


In our application, the engine that drives the audio card uses the ASIO SDK from Steinberg.

I did some tests on my pc with a card and Hoontech, ds I had a crash program,
I had to reboot my PC to get all the new ACCS between terminals of the card.

MOTU ASIO drivers are great because even when I planted my engine Home Audio (pointer
necessary, overflow memory, etc. ...), it was enough for me to restart my application and everything worked perfectly.

For information, on a PC AMD XP 1700 +, I did the following tests:
24 tracks recorded each output + = mixing 24 I ..;

In release, I shoot 10% CPU load (and again I am not an expert in programming
audio and optimizations to the mix (that said, MMX code for mixing is optimal)).

Very low latency so see inaudible because 512 runs in 44 Khz buffer size .. perfect
Intercom for our application.


I use it for six months as part of a development project using audio engine br /> Intercom module pilot a professional and I no referrer hsiter choice.

The card is robust.

The drivers are very good qualities.

The VU meters on the front panel are very useful especially when you want to do tests and the vrifier
software sends many give audio output on diffrent outputs (and you do not forcment
as much as headphone output)

As part of this project profesional, we use a hardware solution hsiter type
Audio Matrix that a protocol driver with expensive and abstruse Owner '...

The use of this card is fabulous for our application ...

As a developer in the use of this card, I would advise all who wish Socit
implement this type of architecture (intercom, audio matrix).

I remain joingable for more information or if you want me you develop a sound engine
adapted to your needs;)