Terratec Producer Phase 88

Phase 88, PCI/ISA + Rack Soundcard from Terratec Producer.

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frog'n raoul 09/24/2006

Terratec Producer Phase 88 : frog'n raoul's user review


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Hello, I Made computer music and MCO 1994.
I chose this card to the number of entries and this important gains for each input. In addition I can also come out in 7.1 Digital DTS 96k on my amp.
Before I worked with an Audigy 2ZS which offers four simultaneous inputs without preamps with KX drivers, I was shielded by placing the card in an old box cdrom drive connected to ground. Also with this card I will be able to play pro me saying in my config. I have a card studio pro (yet ZS (€ 60) also has a very good sound quality by buying preamps (eg Monacor MPR-6 € 30)


Very easy to install and use (was not even need the manual!).


The drivers seem stable, but it remains to be proven in 20 hours of use, no bugs.
I have not tried yet the simultaneous recording tracks, but it's coming.
Phase 88 is less powerful than the Audigy 2 ZS in latency, but it uses less system resources, fruity with some effects on it turns a second 10ms without problems and started a little crunch from a 2ms seconds.
She looks less ergonomic than the ZS, the sound cracks a bit (by stretching the ear) when I move the splitter bars in the windows of the pianoroll fruity with a 5ms latency, it disappears from 10ms latency and may be had to the software.


However I like a lot already, I could put my bazard preamp and I has a much better sound quality of the entries. With 8 inputs, it is possible to record a pop band without mixer (4 mic baterie, guitar, bass, singer, keyboard) or to make recordings of high quality battery.
It is also suitable for use as I want to do live, namely in creating architectures Sonnora using VST taken his microphone and real instruments.
For against my Audigy 2 ZS has more outlets (12 in total). But with eight speakers (one at each corner of the room) you can already work on sound in space.
I use it for a few days.

For the record 5 cards can be linked together and have 40 inputs and 40 outputs, to record the instrumentals for a classical orchestra or for art installation, scalability J'aprécie this, especially since the price drop in years year.

Overall, I am very happy with this purchase.

Config: AMD Barton 2.8, MSI infinity II, 2x256 DDR 400 in dual display, Seagate 80 GB, ATI Rage 9200, samsung 52x burner all mounted in an old desktop PCDH-5H Siemens / Nixdorf, the case of 90 years are very Solid, no need to rack!