Terratec Producer Phase 88

Phase 88, PCI/ISA + Rack Soundcard from Terratec Producer.

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Devotion 01/12/2005

Terratec Producer Phase 88 : Devotion's user review


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Audio and MIDI interface for recording up to eight simultaneous tracks in high resolution, with output in 5.1 or 7.1 surround. 8 analog inputs

- 8 analog outputs
- Resolution 96-kHz / 24-bit
- An input / output compatible coaxial S / PDIF, AC3 or DTS
- Levels of input and output individually adjustable to-10dB or +4 dB
- AutoGain, to adjust the gain versus input signal
- AD SNR 100 dB (A) - SNR DA 110 (A) dB
- 20 channel hardware mixer, 36-bit resolution
- 1 MIDI input / output channel 16
- Rack shielded external 5.25 "(4m cable)
- Can be installed in the bay internal (PC)
- Multi-platform (Mac and PC)
- Interface PCI Bus Master optimized support 32-bit (mode "32-bit unpacked")
- Connector to synchronize EWS "hardware" of 4 cards max.
- Support ASIO low latency


Ras ... nikel. 2 seconds to install.


Perfect, very easy to use, including solid stability with Cubase SX2, ... Beautiful interface.


This is my first sound card but frankly c nikel, easy to use, installation, clear, clear, able to surround, low latency, ...
For the price this is a fairly complete interface for a home studio. The preamp is a little weak people like everywhere you tell me. Premiere digital audio card properly to begin in the semi-professional ;-)