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Terratec ews88mt

Thread Terratec 88 midi problems in Rewire

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1 Terratec 88 midi problems in Rewire
Hi, I have had no problems in knowing how to rewire Cubase with Reason using my old DAW which has an Audigy card.

However, I have just got myself a new computer and installed a Terratec Phase 88 plus Cubase and Reason and tried to rewire them.

However now i get a message saying that Reason does not recognise the Phase 88 midi input channel because it is being used by Cubase. ( both aplications work fine using midi as stand alones)

I believe the problem may arise from the soundcard set up but I'm not sure and I have not found the manual that helpful, is there any one out there who can help me with this problem?


Desperate Dave