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Terratec ews88mt

Thread terratec ews 88mt installation help needed

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1 terratec ews 88mt installation help needed
Hello everybody,

for way too long now I' m trying to make my terratec ews 88 mt card working under linux(mandrake 9.1 and alsa 1.0.2c). I have removed the alsa rpms that were automatically installed with mandrake and downloaded the appropiate -driver -lib and -utils files.

When i follow the installation instructions everything seems to be going welll, except that there is an errormessage when i type : chmod a+rw /dev/dsp /dev/mixer /dev/sequencer /dev/midi ..

Is there anyone who has the terratec card working under linux ?


So whats the error message?

Are you root when you give the command?

Who is the owner?

Not running Linux but have X-Windows Gnome & enlightenment. Trying to install kde 3.2 now. Compiling in the bg.
Hi I run Suse 9.0. Could install the card (after long trying) under Yast2 (Suse installation utility) for that I unistalled the the soundcard on my motherboard. Than using the manual method (selecting driver etc for the envy24 sound chip) and got it installed. next step was binding the card under root ( linux prompt) with "alsaconf" the is a simple inter active tool).
after that it was working however I still have problems with aRts daemon. It is sort of a mulipexer ?!? and I don't know as yet How the Application, aRts and alsa work together.
My e-mail is sorax@powerup.com.au

cheers otto
I dug down in the aRts source I have and found this.


It says in most cases just running [color=blue]artsd[/color] will suffice.

Well at least theres lots of (too much to digest easily) documantation.