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Echo Indigo I/O
Echo Indigo I/O

PCMCIA Soundcard from Echo belonging to the Indigo series

Thread strange echo indigo io problem

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1 strange echo indigo io problem
hello, i just wondered if anyone could shed some light on this problem:

the echo indigo io i have just installed does not work when my laptop first boots up - in any software it just output high pitched squeaking, and it fails because of sychronising in the ASIO test thing.. BUT, if i shut the lid of my laptop, the computer hibernates and the light on the indigo turns off. then i open the laptop and the light comes back on (as you would expect), but the strange thing is it then works perfectly, until i shut down the computer and boot it up again, at which point i have to shut and reopen the laptop again to make the indigo work.

any ideas?

I haven't found a solution, but I'm so happy you posted this - I have the same exact problem and was worried that my card was broken! I never would have tried suspending/reviving.
does this (temporarily) fix your problem too? it seems bizarre...

i wish there was a permanent solution.
I'm sure there IS a permanent solution, but finding it may prove difficult.

My suggestion is to keep this thread bookmarked, and check it every once in a while. I'll post a solution if I find one. Perhaps you could do the same?
cheers. i certainly will, but my motherboard died the other day, so it will be a few weeks before i get a laptop up and running again...
i've got a new laptop with a new problem now, and the pcmcia controller doesnt appear to be an ene one :(

now, whenever i put the indigo in, my screen goes instantly blank..