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Peavey user reviews

  • Peavey KB60

    Peavey KB60 - studio cangé's review


    See previous reviews. I don't find it neutral enough. UTILIZATION In fact, I don't think it's neutral enough for piano (I have a good sound system), but several months ago I was forced to use it with my SansAmp Bass DI (tube amp simulation for bass…

  • Peavey KB60

    Peavey KB60 - blackmore's review


    Solid-state, 60-watt keyboard amp made in USA. Very high manufacturing quality (not like nowadays). Two channels, each with hi or low impedance input, volume control. Common bass, mid, treble EQ for both channels. Preamp output + amp input (effect…

  • Peavey Bandit 112

    Peavey Bandit 112 - "Peavey Bandit 112"


    Have been playing in bands since the early 70's back when tubes were the standard. This amp is built like a tank and still sounds like tubes without the fragile involved. Reminds me of the Duce and Mace sound that so many of us wanted on stage. Un…

  • Peavey Rage 158

    Peavey Rage 158 - "Peavey Rage 158"


    i have been playin for about 2 into guns in roses,nirvana,iron maiden,led zeppelin etc. i have a mexican strat 60th anniversary edition right know, althogh i used to play an ibanez gio. I got this amp from my dad when i first started playin…

  • Peavey KB100

    Peavey KB100 - MeisterH.'s review


    100W transistor jack connectors basic settings, no real effect (except for a pseudo reverb?!) UTILIZATION Configuration: easy A good sound? Yes, very faithful User manual? Ah, I don't know, it does its job :P OVERALL OPINION I've used it one …

  • Peavey KB100

    Peavey KB100 - Will Zégal's review


    - Amplification technology (tube, solid state, ...)? 65 W transistor amp - Output power? ??? It's mighty - Connections? Varies depending on the year. On the old ones, 3 jack inputs, while on the newer ones, the first one is an XLR combo. Ef…

  • Peavey Bass 400BH

    Peavey Bass 400BH - "Peavey Mark IV"


    Im a multi-instrumentalist, I play bass, guitar, drums and some piano. I've been in many bands, playing many different genres of music. And i've also done a fair bit of producing I bought this head used for $250 Canadian. At Colossimos music in Thun…

  • Peavey JF-1

    Peavey JF-1 - "Peavey JF1"


    I am a self taught fingerstyle hack, but I have enjoyed playing acoustic for about 15 years. I am actually a former gigging drummer and have played mostly in western NY and the Philly area. I bought the JF1 at a local music store in Corning, NY bec…

  • Peavey Rotor EXP

    Peavey Rotor EXP - "Peavey Rotor EXP"


    I play mostly rock music. like Rage against the machine, Metallica, Alice in chains, system of a down. I have been playing guitar for about a year but it was only a few months ago that I started aquiring an interest in playing my own riffs. I have…

  • Peavey KB/A 100

    Peavey KB/A 100 - gnaf's review


    Solid-state amp with 100 watts of output power (real watts, which provide a thunderous sound). The EQ is very easy and very practical to use. 4 bands, 3 channels, each channel has its own gain control. I give it a 9 because perfection is not of thi…