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Peavey user reviews

  • Peavey KB/A 100

    Peavey KB/A 100 - Kikoomaniak's review


    -100W solid-state keyboard amp -3 channels (with Jack or XLR inputs for the first one and only Jack for the two others) -Gain control for each channel + a small button to increase the sound in 12 db -Fx input and output + Headphones out on the rea…

  • Peavey Cirrus 6

    Peavey Cirrus 6 - "Peavey Cirrus (6 string bass)"


    Been playing keyboard for 25 years, and began playing bass in just the last 8 years. Play christian, smooth jazz, and R&B. Purchased from Brook Mays music, in the Spring of 03. For a 6-string bass, it is light weight and the neck is not as wide as …

  • Peavey KB100

    Peavey KB100 - tony28's review


    - 65w - 15 inches and a tweeter - 3 inputs - 4-band EQ UTILIZATION Easy to use. Very practical. It costs almost nothing, but it does everything I want. Piano, guitar and, in my case, I also use it as a vocal amp. The only problem is its size. I…

  • Peavey JF-1 EXP

    Peavey JF-1 EXP - "Peavey JF1 EXP"


    I purchased my Peavey JF1 EXP at a small shop in Houston, TX. I was in the market for a semi-hollow body styled electric. I found this and paid $300 for it. I could not be any happier. This guitar is beautiful all around. The finish is gorgeous.…

  • Peavey TransTube 112 EFX

    Peavey TransTube 112 EFX - "Peavey 112 Transtube EFX"


    Bought in on ebay for 220 used. This is an excellent amp. Peavey really does make good, affordable stuff and this is no exception. the distortion is very good and it has plenty of it. The distortion is very versatile and unlike most overdrive/dis p…

  • Peavey Cirrus 4 BXP

    Peavey Cirrus 4 BXP - "Peavey Cirrus 4 BXP"


    I bought this bass from Hogan Music via Ebay for £299. Which was a real bargain. The neck through construction with string through body makes for great sustain and the active pick-ups give a good output. I normally play it through a Marshall Bass…

  • Peavey Milestone 3

    Peavey Milestone 3 - "Peavey Milestone III"


    I was getting bored with elecxtric guitar, as it was too normal, so i bought milestone from my local dealer. I was very impressed with it, and it was an extremely reasonable price(£120 second hand) I love the jazz neck, especially near the lower fre…

  • Peavey Impulse 1012 Sub

    Peavey Impulse 1012 Sub - "Peavey Impulse 1012 Subwoofer"


    Added a pair to a large installed system for around $400 each. Bought from a local Peavey rep. Peavey has a winner with the Impulse subs. It's basically an Impulse enclosure with no tweeter, just a Black Widow woofer. But what a woofer! It's rated…

  • Peavey Raptor Plus EXP

    Peavey Raptor Plus EXP - "Peavey Raptor Plus Exp"


    My girlfriend bought it for my birthday. She paid 180$ can. dollars. It's trans-purple color. She bought it from my local music store wich i've been buying stuff for the last 12 years...(yeah, i own a couple of different guitas and amps)! Basically,…

  • Peavey HP Signature EXP

    Peavey HP Signature EXP - "Peavey HP exp"


    I have taken the time to write this review as the guitar is not featured under the Peavey listings and I need to sread the word as they say. I first saw this guitar on E Bay it was priced at £350. I was tempted by the pictures but like most people ha…