Boss FS-6 Dual Footswitch
Boss FS-6 Dual Footswitch

FS-6 Dual Footswitch, Pedal/Controller from Boss in the FS series.

Spawn-X 02/19/2005

Boss FS-6 Dual Footswitch : Spawn-X's user review


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Not much to say on this Controller if not it is better to go his way.
Indeed, his biggest default like the fact that it need a 9V battery ... Everything for what? Simply feed the little red LED power and two LEDs each pedals. And yes, no battery, no running.
Or, Me, I've bought a controlling a Lexicon JamMan. So it fallais me two pedals permanent contact. As I possde already a FS-5U (fugitive only), I say it would be cool to be able to max out into each other (Roland / Boss FS have mle rail and other female ct on their order fix them). But here, the o FS-5U needs no battery because it is THAT fugitive, the FS-5L (vrouillage contact) and therefore, the FS-6 also, he, requirement to display the state of the contact (On / Off) thanks to its LED. This is normal you might say, and you are right. The problem is that these two pedals (FS-5L and FS-6) can be THAT Food once by a 9V battery and have no outlet AC / DC to connect a external power supply.
It seems futile ??? So get in two or three of these in a pedal-board manufactured home and on which you tiez arrang precisely to fix all your pedals and the cables that connect them. You will understand what I mean ...
Clearly, if you use a pedal like me-board which interest is precisely not to have dplacer / replace your pedals one each during your installation of sc nes, you soon realize that it is particularly nervant having to play malgrs screwdriver while changing a battery on a pedal as these.
Furthermore, this battery is automatically dconnecte dbranche when the jack. Now I have my pedal-board manufactured in such Manire no cable (jack or power supply) is visible. Only switches and knobs of my pedals afleurent the playing surface. So if jeveux logout what satan conomiser cable for the battery, I must first unscrew the cap supprieur My pedal-board ... Very practical amount.
In short, I prvoyais to buy two to drive my JamMan, but eventually, I will surely dbarasser me to replace it with four pedals fugitives individual contacts of a brand and concurente g nrique (like Matrix or Proel), because yes, we must also keep in mind that the price of such type controllers is boufonnerie unnamed as compared to what they contain.
Amazing to pay as much for so little.
Luckily, I did not pay the mine (gift shop with which I work) ...
- "Wow !!! another h Y s'plaint for something that am ^ m not pay !!!"
Yeah, and then a does not prevent me from having a consumer notice

Well, if not, do only this down, you still m ^ m as well reconnatre ct construction, it is a bunker.
Three jacks share the rear panel: A central stereo for both pedals and a mono for each pedal, leaving the choice of cable the user. It is fun.
Then, two switches for each pedals allow select the Vrouillage or fugitive mode, and the polarity of each pedal.
At this level, say nothing, it's damn good.

But damn, they would still m ^ m have thought that the number of potential users of the Controller have the same kind of editing m ^ me !!!

Anyway ...