Keith McMillen Instruments SoftStep

SoftStep, Pedal/Controller from Keith McMillen Instruments.

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jules_th 09/20/2011

Keith McMillen Instruments SoftStep : jules_th's user review

«  hard to master without knowledge »

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Well, I'm starting, perhaps my experience (limited) she used to somebody.

Crank noon, connected via USB, but for a detailed description see the site, I will not replace the record, having said that the record is fun, when you unpack the box there are 2 pages in English, though, all the rest (software, demos, manual (sorry, )...) manual can be downloaded on the internet. English, always.

Found in the box so the pedal and a USB cable of 5m length. Oh, and a cable jack to plug in an expression pedal.

SoftStep Why? I was looking for a pedal that allows me to control the effects of Ableton Live, which I use with my electric guitar for reasons of lightness and effects "in the corners," and what attracted me pedal.

The pedals 10 are not only the on-off, and that's the big specialty SoftStep: you can press vertically and have a kind of expression pedal, but also horizontally, or even it seems as can be turning his foot upon to act as if flying a knob foot. There's lots of possible uses. You can also set the speed of reaction to the effect that it is moving faster at the foot, or more slowly. I have not tested that.

First observation: the risk of touching the pedal down when playing with the above: it exists. I tend to book the vertical movement of the pedals down. And the horizontal ones at the top. It is managed, I have not yet experienced enough to criticize. But I'm just in size from 42 ...

And programming? So it ...

I'm not an expert, very far away, the world's noon and I confess that I am not programming at all simple.

In fact I went out through the examples given (Ableton Live for guitar effects), one or two videos "tutorials" on the site of Keith thing, and then a little bowl. The management of MIDI ports is perhaps logical, but for me it is full of Chinese. So think of leaving the program a MIDI port to "control" in the MIDI Ableton and after programming, remember to disconnect if the effects are blocked off ... I do not know how I did it, but I managed to set my effects. I will try to continue to study the issue.

I still have huge gaps. For example, there is a mode (standalone) that apparently can do without having to run in parallel software Softstep: I did not understand how it works.
There are a publisher "simple": I was not able to use it ...

A specialist in the world MIDI may find all this trivial. A needy like me as the full extent of its shortcomings. But hey, this gas plant is to be patient. I did that last week, but I have (unconscious or brave?) Made with two concerts.

A joke: the pedal has disconnected the scales. It took me some time (and a good dose of panic) to figure out that it was the USB cable that sucks. Naze is even. Bad run, say, I do not immediately blame the gas plant if the door kidding.

So, with all that this thing can, I think it would be unseemly to make him a bad grade. But with all that I do not understand and the manual leaves out, in terms of learning are big improvement. Besides my English, but not bad, does not hold a candle to the jargon ...

Finally I keep it and I intend to understand more about its operation.