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songboy 08/31/2011

Logidy UMI3 : songboy's user review

« Smaller than expected but still GREAT!! »

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First off, this thing is really sturdy. It feels like it could drop off a high table and not suffer any damage. The thing I like most about this unit however is that ease of setup and the ability to change the "buttons" functions with the included editor. There is really no installation to speak of as it is plug and play. I had to set it up in ableton but that was easy as well. The "buttons" are sturdy feeling but offer no "click" like other similar pedals. The added expression input is also very awesome. I use this to control the "up/down/play" feature in Ableton. The only thing to mention about dislikes is how small the unit is. It's faceplate is about as big as a King Size Hershey's candy bar. At first this was a big put off as the buttons are pretty close to each other and can accidentally be triggered. However, after realizing the best place for this pedal was in my Guitar Pedal Case, I was actually pleased with how little room it needed on my already packed pedal case.
As for value, you won't find a cheaper Midi pedal in production. The build is great too so it is definitely a good deal. I have used a few different midi pedals including Rolls midi buddy and Behringer FCB. This one surpasses those others in my opinion. I definitely recommend this unit and plan on buying another to control the "looper" function in ableton.