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Moog Music EP-2
Moog Music EP-2
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« Slightly better than the ep1 »

Publié le 04/28/11 à 08:06
The Moog ep2 is a slightly upgraded version of their original exp. pedal.

Black plastic housing with a metal base plate, attached stereo cable, and a knob to adjust the maximum sweep of thew pedal.
It is a similar design to the Ernie ball volume pedals using a small rope attached to the treadle that turns the potentiometer.

Not much to say here. Plug it into a Moog pedal and rock it back and forth to alter your sounds. The manual for the actually Moog effect pedal will tell you what to expect.

The bad:
Being an avid Moog user I am disappointed in the build of these pedals. I owned the EP-1 and it was a piece of garbage so when Moog announced these I jumped on it and bought two. Out of the box they seem sturdier but then you realize it's only because they put a metal plate on the bottom to give the pedal some weight but it's still the same plastic design. If you've ever used an Ernie Ball VP you know what a sturdy pedal feels like. With EP2 you don't have that positive feel and it's easy to just push it at max and difficult to keep it somewhere in the middle. The treadle also has trouble staying up which can be remedied by tightening the nuts on the side but since it's plastic you just ended up warping the casing and are right back to where you started. Also the bottom of the pedal is not flush which makes it difficult to mount onto a pedal board. Most people I know use Velcro to attach their pedals which just does not work well with this.

The good:
The sweep adjustment knob is very nice. All of the knobs on Moog pedals have such a wide range that it's very rare I want to sweep through the entire thing. Having the knob allows you to make the pedal only operate to A certain range. The knob is placed great too just easy enough to get to without it being too easy that you hit it on accident.
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