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songboy songboy

« Useful but cpu hungry »

Publié le 09/04/11 à 13:32
So far I have had no compatibility issues on a MacBookPro i7 with 8gb running Ableton 8. As far as a manual goes, I didn't need to reference one as this is a fairly simple plugin. Setting up the plugin is as easy as dropping it on any midi/audio track after a sound source. I run it in Ableton which is very easy to midi assign any parameter you wish. Yes, the functions are all laid out on the front face.


The software performs relatively well. They claim it to be flawless with perfectly smooth pitch transition but I can definitely still hear some artifacts. Not nearly as much as other pitch software, but its not perfect. Overall I give it a 9 out of 10 because it is still very usable and a step above any other pitch software I've used. I have been using this for about month or so.


What I like about the plugin is its very easy to understand interface and the fact that it is a "stand alone" pitch plug. You still need it in a host but its nice to have this option as most pitch shifting is found on synths and vst synths. Now I can run it after my guitar, bass, keys, etcc.... I do this because my setup is designed so I loop all my samples live, then re route them in to several effects and start remixing. This plugin has definitely come in handy BUT...... here is the negative. I need to run two of these simultaneously for my setup but this thing is a CPU Hog! Almost 10% cpu per instance in Ableton and my machine is pretty strong. I guess that is the trade off for the quality. Hopefully they will be able to reduce this need for cpu as it is almost too much for me and I have been considering just not using it. I mean, I have huge soft synths that use less cpu than this. The price is not bad, but will be better if they can make it more cpu friendly. The smoothness of the pitch shift is fairly nice and better than most. I have used built in Logic pitch and many soft synths that have pitch and offer audio inputs. I would actually hold off on buying this unless you are dragging a Mac Pro or loaded IMac around for live stuff. In studio in works great.
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