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Synchro Arts VocALign PRO 4 - VST

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Synchro Arts has released VocALign PRO 4 - VST, a new VST3 plug-in version of the PRO range of VocALign, the automatic audio alignment software.

This new version operates with Cubase 5 and 4 as well as Nuendo 5 and 4.


VocALign is the audio editing tool that automatically synchronizes two audio signals at the touch of a button. VocALign massively speeds up audio synchronization tasks and increases the quality of results by automatically "micro-editing" the new audio to align the timing of its modulations to match those of a guide audio signal.


The range of applications for VocALign typically include:

  • Lip-syncing dialogue and vocals.
  • Tightening-up of double tracking and backing vocals.
  • Tightening up instrumental recordings including horn parts, guitars, strings.
  • Foreign dialogue replacement.
  • Multimedia applications.


Exclusive features in VocALign PRO:

  • Advanced alignment algorithms: Alignment accuracy is greatly improved by using the latest in sophisticated pattern recognition algorithms.
  • Sync Points: User-set targets for audio alignment to occur at specified pairs of linked key points in the two signals.
  • Protected signal blocks: Users can mark sections of the Replacement (Dub) signal to not be time-compressed or expanded during alignment.
  • Two methods of TimeMod (time compression/expansion): An additional Frequency Domain editing algorithm (optimised for best results with some single-pitch signals) is available in addition to the highly efficient Time Domain editing algorithm (for more complex signals).
  • Longer maximum signal length: Up to 5 minutes (instead of 2 minutes).

Multi-Platform Licensing in VocALign PRO 4
For cost-conscious studio owners, a VocALign PRO 4 licenses is a multi-platform license delivered on iLok. With one license, the user can run the VocALign PRO 4 VST3 plug-in for Cubase and Nuendo, an AU plug-in for Logic and an Audio Suite plug-in for Pro Tools. This allows the user to switch between these audio editing systems and still maintain the unique functionality and speed of VocALign in their work.

Existing owners of a VocALign PRO V4 license will be able to run the VST3 version at no further cost.


Purchasing and Downloads
14-day demo plug-in versions can be downloaded from along with manuals and tutorial media. These same plug-ins can be licensed with an iLok license purchased from Synchro Arts dealers or on-line from

The Recommended Retail Prices (RRP) for electronically delivered VocALign PRO 4 licenses are:

  • US$585 for North America
  • €430 (ex VAT) for Europe
  • £359 (ex VAT) for UK and the rest of the world

Upgrades are available on the Synchro Arts website.

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