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AcmeBarGig Tamla Head & Pecker Head

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AcmeBarGig Tamla Head
News AcmeBarGig Tamla Head

Software Amp Simulator from AcmeBarGig

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AcmeBarGig has extended its "Preampus Week" of free amp VST effect plug-ins for Windows to the full seven days and released two more pre-amp plug-ins: Tamla Head and Pecker Head.

Tamla Head is inspired by Motown Records’ The Funk Brothers. AcmeBarGig says they could not find any reference to the amps these guys used – it turns out they didn’t tend to record with an amp, they went direct into the board. Tamla Head is a model of what those guitars would sound like into sound boards of that period (the Sixties). AcmeBarGig added an extra gain section just to make sure that Tamla was good for other uses as well. But it is, for the most part, true to its Motown roots, the company says.

Pecker Head
is a vintage crunch machine inspired by the likes of Ritchie Blackmore – designed for thick, saturated riffs and crunching power chords, according to AcmeBarGig. Here’s what they had to say: “Engage the Treble Master and you’re deep into Classic Rock territory, crank the gain and you’re pushing out huge tone, roll the gain and your guitar’s volume back a little and you can get a great warm lead tone. While all the Classic Hybrid amps are designed to take you back to the Classic Rock era, where pentatonic riffs and over the top extended solos were king, AcmeBarGig says that Pecker Head might just be the truest to this Classic Rock sound.”

The Preampus Line amps are Head only so you will need to use some external cabinet modeling.
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