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Friday's Freeware: Stratipad Free and Flanger 2

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Acustica Audio Stradipad Free - Swedish Strings
News Acustica Audio Stradipad Free - Swedish Strings

Software Amp Simulator from Acustica Audio

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Mac and PC have their own plug-in this week, the free Stratipad VST on one side for strings processing and the Flanger 2 AU.

The free version of the Acustica Audio Stratipad Swedish Strings, Stratipad Free is a preamp designed to process any kind of string instrument, whether synthetic or acoustic, with a single preset that will take you back to that Abba sound.

The plug-in offers input and output gain knobs, as well as a Warmth control to change the harmonic saturation by raising the input level without touching the output level. Two vintage VUmeters allow for input and output level monitoring and a red LED will light up to indicate when clipping occurs.

Stratipad Free is a VST plug-in for Windows 32 and 64-bit. It is available for download from www.acustica-audio.com.

*NOTE* Even though it’s freeware, you’ll still need to click on 'add to cart’ in order to download Stratipad Free. Don’t worry, no payment information will be taken, just follow easy these steps if you’re experiencing any issues!


For Mac users, those who don’t know AirWindows can discover (or rediscover) its free plug-ins. We particularly like its Flanger 2 but dozens of different freeware are available. You won’t get an elaborated GUI here, but you WILL get some controls that can radically change your sound. Flanger 2 will allow, for example, the creation of sweeps and even the distortion of processed tracks.

Free download available by going to www.airwindows.com/freebies.html and clicking on the name of whichever freebies you want most.

Have a great weekend!

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