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UK brand Victory Amps is hitting the stores

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Victory Amps V100 The Duke
News Victory Amps V100 The Duke

Victory Amps debuts its guitar amp line with two heads, one combo and two cabinets, all manufactured in the UK.

If you have been following Guthrie Govan may have seen the artist using a prototype of the Victory Amps model on tour with Steven Wilson. The range is now ready and are hitting the stores with three valve amps.

The V10 Baron is a compact single channel 10W combo designed for blues and rock guitar players. It employs three 12AX7/12AU7/12AT7, one 6L6 and one EL84, as well as a 12" Celestion V30 speaker in a solid pine cab. You can blend the two types of tubes thanks to the Noval Master and Octal Master knobs and the amp also features a gain knob with footswitchable boost switch, a spring reverb, a 3-band EQ and an effect loop.

For blues and rockers who need more output, Victory Amps offers the V50 The Earl head, a two-channel model that delivers 50W of power. This amp is based on 4×12AX7, one 12AT7 and 2x EL34 tubes and both channels use the same 3-band EQ. You can adjust the gain, master and reverb independently on the clean and overdrive channels and a switch allows for choosing between high and low output levels. Also included is a bias adjustment for the EL34/6L6 valves and you’ll also find an effect loop and a gain boost on the overdrive channel.


Last, the V100 The Duke amp head is the most powerful model of the Victory Amps line, with 100W driven by 4×12AX7, 1×12AT7 and 4x 6L6 tubes. The amp features two channels and all the controls are duplicated, so you’ll find two 3-band EQ, two gains, one of which is completed with an adjustable and footswitchable boost, two volumes, two reverbs, two masters, two effect loops with auto assign, and single presence and resonance knobs. Just like the 50W amp, the V100 The Duke features a power attenuator that allows for 100W or 30W RMS operations and a bias adjustment for EL34 and 6L6 valves use.

The amp heads can be completed with the two V212S (8 Ohms) and V412S (16 Ohms) cabinets, which host 2 and 4 × 12" Celestion V30 speakers respectively. The first handles a power of 120W and the second 240W.

Street prices in the UK:

  • V10 The Baron combo : £1249
  • V50 The Earl head : £1499
  • V100 The Duke head : £1999
  • V212S cab : £499
  • V412S cab : £699

Discover the Victory Amps at www.victoryamps.com.


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