Fretted Synth Audio Free Amp 2 [Freeware]
Fretted Synth Audio Free Amp 2 [Freeware]

Free Amp 2 [Freeware], Software Amp Simulator from Fretted Synth Audio.

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Fretted Synth Audio Free Amp 2 [Freeware] : Anonymous 's user review


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For installation, simply copy the "dll" in the bank vst its software, and it's ready to work! it's really very simple to use: a real toy
It is very attractive, and the IDE format type "of pedal fx" is really exellent ... still had to think about it!


With a little celeron 2.2g, ram and all of 1024 was out on a RME digi 96 / 8 pad, has turned niquel. If by some small bugs in l. .. should not nag too much with the compression either!


I have to devote half an hour, and already I spell something very well.
For clean sounds, no sound problems at once! The chorus / reverb / delay / flanger / phazer are quite impressive!
For saturations must dig a little deeper. I like the big (!) Or standards distortions, and I still find my happiness!
qualitprix the report is unbeatable, since '0.00 euro, it was still a small sacred plant noise!
that the neighbors will be happy!