Line 6 POD Farm 2
Line 6 POD Farm 2

POD Farm 2, Software Amp Simulator from Line 6 in the POD Farm series.

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millezotla 09/23/2013

Line 6 POD Farm 2 : millezotla's user review

«  It's perfectly JOB »

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I have not had any problems to install with XP!


I have an old PC with XP SP3, 1G Ram, USB 2.0. Connecting the analog of a powerful HIFI chain (chain Old secondhand, not the value of a super powerful sound.). No BUG. I bought the UX1 secondhand, wishing to save me (from the time I say). This is a start in the computer music. I had already notions with cubase and GNX4 there a few years before.


The UX1 works wonders. So I installed pod farm 1 first, then 2.5 in stride. I still love my tube amps. But I must say, I'm impressed with the sound! To be quite frank, I did the tests at very low volume (many people want low volume amp with their lamps!), And the result is much better with Pod Farm! When I fart, the sound of some configurations is impressive. I find it good. I just broke. What more? I found her (I do very little use presets, I use it just like an amp or I plug my pedals. I'm not too technical, I play, that's what I want! Vintage Amp one or two known pedals, and it sounds!'s clear, I honestly can not say if it sounds good, I do not care! The crunch and distorted sounds.
There are probably better, but for me, a little guitar playing in his little room, this is the top. I will soon move to the sound with my microphone 57. I use Audacity which is free and goes without any worries with the UX1.
I heard presets completely rotten too, but there are a lot of good.