Native Instruments Guitar Rig 5 Player
Native Instruments Guitar Rig 5 Player

Guitar Rig 5 Player, Software Amp Simulator from Native Instruments in the Guitar Rig series.

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lse 04/24/2012

Native Instruments Guitar Rig 5 Player : lse's user review

«  Excellent choice for a single start playing »

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I use a Mac, no problem with Mac OSX Lion
With no perceptible latency therefore iMac / Mac OSX Lion and an M-Audio Fast Track II base

Config so easy, except for the sound output by the HP of mac you have to use the new system of aggregation of Mac OSX which is a bit early complicated (while Amplitube manages more than just outputs)

The software "stand alone" is very well done (it can be used alone or as VST / AU component including a tuner and a metronome over those practices Amplitube


Reviews of simulators like Guitar Rig amuse me greatly. One has the impression of debate on whether a rack to EUR 10 000 is emulated in the midrange ... this is rubbish.

You can see things differently.
Guitar Rig is 179 euros, the price of a bedroom amp very low-end, virtually unusable at low volume (a volume up too).
For that price, if you have a correct computer (for my part I use an iMac whose sound is pretty decent) Well you have tens of amps, pedals, effects etc. ..

Not realistic? no doubt
Do not resemble their models? no doubt
Is it the fact? : Grâââve

But who cares. The only criterion is that "it's done" and the Guitar Rig is serious.

That 100% sounds are not top who cares, just a few (some clear, some more crunch / saturated) are right for you and you win

So for all the people who play in shorts and T-shirt at home on a sofa Ikea smashed, Guitar Rig is the ultimate weapon (alternative: AmpliTube)

Note that Native Instruments offers a full demo (just the demo version off after half an heire which is pretty decent)

To play in a stadium that's probably not enough ... While ...