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Patrick Wurr Audio Engineering GreenMachine Amp II
Patrick Wurr Audio Engineering GreenMachine Amp II

Software Amp Simulator from Patrick Wurr Audio Engineering

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Thread Green Machine amp

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1 Green Machine amp
Hi All.
I am trying to find out more information about Green Machine amp. I love the demo, but I want to know more about whether or not a new version is coming out. The only problems I had with the demo are 2:
1. Too much CPU power needed
2. Not usable as a stand-alone program

Any thoughts??
Well, I went and gave the $90 to Mr. Wuir because I love that damn software.

I had some problems with it because I am using in on Vista64, but he sent me a patch or whatever and it works just fine now.  ROCK ON DUDES!!!

If only I could figure out how to do it's MIDI stuff I would be all set.  I have a keyboard controller, but for some reason it doesn't send the MIDI messages to the plug-in inside Sonar.

Anyway, I love it's sound.
Hey!  Glad to hear you like it.  If you get a chance feel free to write a short user review on this site of the Green Machine amp....