Peavey ReValver MK III.V
Peavey ReValver MK III.V

ReValver MK III.V, Software Amp Simulator from Peavey in the Revalver series.

mrjason 11/28/2012

Peavey ReValver MK III.V : mrjason's user review

« better than guitar rig »

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The Peavey ReValver MKIII.V is an affordable digital guitar rack. Many people like to compare this to Guitar Rig but I don’t think you can really make that comparison because it gives you so much more than Guitar Rig does. Though Guitar Rig does seem to run smoother in multiple software applications, the ReValver MKIII.V gives me a lot of lag issues in certain programs but because of how good it is I can deal with it.


The MKIII.V comes with over 700 speaker simulations and has 12 different rack type of effects. There are over 10 preamps and 21 stompbox effects. The MKIII.V will give you a complete vintage style of a sound to your guitars or whatever audio you want to run through it quickly and easily. I love the Peavey 6505 amp that it has. There are some other really good ones to that give you that classic and warm sound that you use to get on the vintage hardware models years ago.


The only downfall with this is that using it on a PC, even with ASIO drivers you still might run into some issues with it eating up your CPU and lagging on you. I have tried everything to fix it and even installed it on another PC system thinking that something Just wasn’t right with my DELL computer and MKIII.V. But that didn’t solve the issue. The only fix for me was to not use it on a PC all together if I wanted it to run smoothly. It works great on my MacBook though and never gave me any issues with a lag or being slow.
If you are looking for some really good amps and effects to give you an updated sound even though it is really a retro sound, you must have this. You cannot beat the price of it either and though they have not updated the drivers for it yet, I am sure if there is ever an issue or something happens they will update them quickly.