Peavey ReValver MK III.V
Peavey ReValver MK III.V

ReValver MK III.V, Software Amp Simulator from Peavey in the Revalver series.

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madchap 04/21/2014

Peavey ReValver MK III.V : madchap's user review

«  a very good investment »

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Nothing special
soft bcp provides ability to customize but need time and also the knowledge of the subject to make the most .. so I personally use the app in "simple" version, I do not create my cab etc. .. . but it is doable!


To play in normal mode it will not have a problem with a recent machine. against it by x64 mode requires a lot of resource. To play live with this mode you need a very powerful pc (I have an i7 @ 2Ghz and it is barely enough). Well, it remains anecdotal, because it is a way provided for the rendering of the game and not in real time, but to say that the app in in under the hood!


it's been several years that I use now. I washed purchased and not used too much and there qq months I lai reinstall because I wanted to try it with another guitar ... slap bang! ... I'm given and I dropped all other blow!
I do not use the cab ReValver but redwires with IR (not that the cab is bad but hey I have more choices than done and as profitable as the thing!)
I always put the cab in resampling and high quality, otherwise it can sound a little "fizz" and in this way, it sounds good and it adjusts very quickly. For good point for peavey, and report, the presets are very good starting points most of the time.
Compared to Amplitube (very good too, especially the custom shop) I find more ReValver plug & play and also more realistic (and less flattering "smooth").
In short, a very good app that if it does not offer thousands of amp and pedals, has a good range of sounds, very successful and gives us our money's worth. What a bad idea that I had to let him sleep for almost a year!