Simulanalog Guitar Suite [Freeware]
Simulanalog Guitar Suite [Freeware]

Guitar Suite [Freeware], Software Amp Simulator from Simulanalog.

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Simulanalog Guitar Suite [Freeware] : Anonymous 's user review


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Okay Installation is simple architecture: a copy of. Dll file VSTplugins Cubase, launch Cubase. We insert the effects in the part of INS plugin.
The proposed package ( contains three distortion (Boss SD-1, Boss DS-1, Tube Screamer), a phaser (Oberheim PS-1), a modulation (Univox Univibe ) and MAGIC: 2 amp simulators (and not just any ..), the JCM900 Dual Reverb and the Fender Twin Reverb 1969 ...

I tell you, it's con ...


I have a PII 800, 256MB RAM, Philips Acoustic Edge.
Despite the latency due to my sound card not too suitable for this use, the effects go smoothly. I have not had time to try the software with 36 million tracks, but already the sound of the JCM900 is the ball, so I spent my evening to spit on my Marshall amp combo (I will not model) and I played on the PC with the headset noting that some resource was used


Personally, the amp simulations are terrible. With that, I really do not understand how they can shove his money in one or Amplitube Revalvers. I assure you, a free plug in, the sound is really too bo. From the JCM at Twin ('s even a tremolo), Boss of the Tube Screamer, I laughed at those who spend their RMI in plugin thieves and I trembled with joy by trying all settings in the JCM (er really this one, it tears) ... Vondèrfoul!