Steinberg Warp
Steinberg Warp

Warp, Software Amp Simulator from Steinberg.

stompboxjon 02/13/2013

Steinberg Warp : stompboxjon's user review

« Good for a first guitar amp plug in, very affordable too »

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The Steinberg Warp VST is a guitar amp modeling plug in that can be run on a Mac or a PC operating system. It is very affordable and there is no need for a manual because it is simple and easy to operate. I have been using it for about 3 years now and though I do not use it a lot; I still find uses for it depending on which track I am working with. There are three types of distortion sounds and they are british, classic combo and vintage. These sounds are very unique to me because I have a lot of other guitar amp modeling plug ins and they don’t sound like those ones at all.


This plug in runs great on my Macbook Pro, I am able to get about 4 instances of it before it starts to really chew up my CPU. I mainly use it with Logic and it runs smoothly, I have even run it in GarageBand but it didn’t seem to run as smoothly in that program as I would have liked it too. On my Windows desktop running Vista it ran great in Cubase and has never had any issues or crashes.


The overall quality of this plug in is very good and with it being as affordable as it is; it is perfect for someone who may want to purchase their first guitar amp plug in if they cannot afford to go out and get Guitar Rig or one of the other high end guitar plug ins that are very good. This does not come with a lot of sounds but the ones that it has are pretty good. If you can afford to spend me I do recommend looking at Guitar Rig, Waves GTR and maybe even Amplitube depending on how much money you have to spend on it.