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JamOrigin MIDI Guitar 2 announced

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JamOrigin MIDI Guitar 2
News JamOrigin MIDI Guitar 2

Audio/MIDI Converter Software from JamOrigin

Public price: $99 incl. VAT

JamOrigin is about to release v2 of its MIDI Guitar audio to MIDI signal converter in standalone and plug-in editions for Mac OS X and Windows.

MIDI Guitar 2 is expected in the next few days, after two years of development. JamOrigin has greatly reduced latency, improved note tracking and sensitivity, so that you can control with higher accuracy your MIDI instruments from any type of electric guitar.

MIDI Guitar 2 can now detect every note, independently from your playing techniques: hammer-on, pull-off, mute… and dynamics, you can even adjust on the GUI velocity gain, tone and curve.

JamOrigin also simplified the tracking setup, with a single noise gate option that only effects when you don’t play ; the developer recommends you disable this feature when playing fast legato runs so that the software can detect all the notes.

The GUI has also been revamped, with added Cycle of Fifths, the three velocity controls mentioned above, an improved polyphonic tuner, guitar cab simulations (with the ability to load your own cab impulse responses), a reverb and interactive help.

JamOrigin adds that because the detection system is much more sensitive, some of you may experience issues, specially if you use MIDI Guitar 2 with not so velocity sensitive synths. Also beware of wrong note triggering.

MIDI Guitar 2 will be free to users of v1. License for the standalone and plug-in versions for Mac OS X and Windows is available for $99.95. Note that the iOS app has already been updated to v2 and now uses the same engine as the desktop version. More info at jamorigin.com.

Note that bass and violin versions will also be upgraded later on.

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