Digidesign AIR Chorus
Digidesign AIR Chorus

AIR Chorus, Software Chorus from Digidesign.

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Hatsubai 06/22/2011

Digidesign AIR Chorus : Hatsubai's user review

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AIR plugins are part of the set of plugins that come together with Pro Tools. AIR stands for Advanced Instrument Research, and these are highly versatile plugins that really help expand the overall usage of Pro Tools. First of all, there are no compatibility issues with these plugins as they're made exclusively for Pro Tools. That means no unexpected crashing or weird bugs. I never read the manual on this, so I can't really comment on that. These plugins are easy enough to use that you shouldn't really need it.

AIR Chorus is a good, solid chorus that you can include on any buss to help add that thickness and depth to your mix. It can do everything from a subtle modulation to an insane 80s chorus delay that sounds like you're under water.


I never experienced any performance issues with these plugins, and the reason is that they're made exclusively for Pro Tools. Because of that, everything is rock solid. I use a Mac Pro Dual Quad Core machine, and while Logic is my main DAW, Pro Tools is what I've been experimenting with lately, and I can see why it's considered the best DAW out there. I never had any issues when it came to RAM or slowdowns, but it could also be because my machine is fairly hefty. I've only been using Pro Tools for a few months, so my opinions may change in the future.


One thing I dislike about these AIR plugins is that they're only found in Pro Tools. While other DAWs have their own exclusive plugins, I'd like to see these available for purchase at an affordable price. That would help out both DigiDesign and everyone who uses a DAW besides Pro Tools. The plugin itself is nice, and I've used it quite a bit with great success, so no issues there.