PSP Audioware PSP 608 MultiDelay
PSP Audioware PSP 608 MultiDelay

PSP 608 MultiDelay, Software Delay/Echo from PSP Audioware.

songboy 04/29/2009

PSP Audioware PSP 608 MultiDelay : songboy's user review


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Yes, it installed without any problems at all. As for compatibility issues it has had none so far. It does seem to take a lot of "thought" by my computer to get it open but no problems once it is there. The configuration and setup is very simple. I pretty much figured out how to use this device in a matter of minutes. It pretty much is a bunch of faders each set up to start playing the selected audio again. You use the fader to select when the "replay" is going to start and then tweak the volume, effects, etc.. for each one of those replays. In all honesty, I have not needed to reference the manual yet. I am sure there are a few things that would increase my efficiency on the plugin, but so far I can do what I need very easily.


I have a MacBook (2.2ghz, 4gb ram, 320HD) running Logic 8 with a Presonus Firepod and Firebox. So far there has been no problems with the plugin. As for performance, as I mentioned earlier, my computer seems to have to work fairly hard to get it open, nothing crazy like super long wait times or anything, it just takes two to three times longer than most of other plugins. Just seems kinda strange. Other than that it works great 10 out of 10 times i use it. I have had no crashing or problems saving presets so I say its Stable.


I have been using the 608 for about a month. What I like about it the most is its surprising ease of use. It looks very complicated and I am sure it probably does more than what I think, it took me only minutes to learn the basics myself. Another plus is that it lets you get into delay options you could never have with a traditional delay pedals. I mean you can effect each delay or "repeat" in so many ways that each "delay" can sound entirely different. One fun thing to do is set up the 608 to delay a vocal, but instead of just repeating the last phrase quieter each time, you can also increase the amount of distortion and reverb so that by the time you hear the last echo you will have heard a voice go from clean delay to just a distorted "wall of sound" kinda thing. Cool stuff. I have a few delay plugins as well as a few hardware ones but I have never really messed around with a "multi-delay" set up like this before. It really elevates the delay effect to another level. Psp offers pretty good stuff for not so huge prices, so thats good, but it is hard to shell out more than $100 dollars for a single effect, even when you got a good studio budget. But, all in all, it does its job very well so I think it is worth it. This has become a staple for me to run a idea through, so I would definitely make the same choice again.