URS Saturation
URS Saturation

[NAMM] URS Saturation

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URS introduces their new plug-in : Saturation.

The URS Saturation plug-in digitally recreates four different and distinct pre amplifiers each featuring a different type of input stage saturation, even and odd ordered harmonics and soft clipping.

URS Saturation Specifications:
  • Input Level Control
  • Output Level Control
  • Drive 0-100%
  • Mix Blend Control - Wet / Dry Saturation effect
  • In / Out Bypass switch
  • Phase Reverse switch
  • Plasma Style Input and Output VU Meters

The initial four Mic Pre Amplifiers models include:
  • Class A Tube Mic Pre Amplifier - MotorCity
    This algorithm digitally recreates the characteristics of a American tube mic pre amplifier that was popular in recording studios during the 1960's Motown era. Setting the drive control higher will add desired harmonics and tube soft clipping for a much more pronounced effect.
  • Class A Tube Mic Pre Amplifier - German
    This algorithm digitally recreates a German tube mic pre amplifier that was popular in European recording studios during early 1960's Beatles era. This type of tube pre amplifier is coveted for it's unique distortion, presence and authority in the treble ranges.

  • Class A Discrete Mic Pre Amplifier - British
    This algorithm digitally recreates the sought after classic British console all discrete mic pre saturation. This vintage amplifier was also used for the console's summing buss amplifiers. The added harmonics create the edge that is desired in both Rock and R&B music.

  • Class A Discrete JFet Mic Pre Amplifier - Modern
    This algorithm digitally recreates a modern JFet mic pre amplifier that comes the closest of any discrete device to tube saturation. Although similar to a tube it has its own unique harmonic structure and sound.

Details about the specifications:
  • Mix blend Control
    Allows you to blend the right amount of Saturation with your source material. No need to use an additional parallel track or Aux send to get blend effects. At the 100 % Wet setting the Mix Blend Control is disabled.

  • Adjustable output control
    The URS Saturation plug-in features an adjustable output control after the Mix Blend control to balance the final effect with your insert chain.

  • Plasma Style VU metering
    Allows you to view both the input and output signal. The phenomena of added harmonics, soft clipping and saturation is that it sounds louder even when the meters do not indicate changes in level.

  • High Res 64 bit Floating point "Double Precision" processing
    The URS Saturation plug-in Hi Resolution 64-bit floating point "Double Precision" processing for increased clarity and headroom. Why mention this clarity for a plug-in that reduces saturation? Because, we designed the URS Saturation plug-in to reproduce Analog style saturation not Digital!

The URS Saturation plug-in currently supports Audio Units and VST for both Mac OSX. RTAS is currently supported with a VST to RTAS Wrapper only (not included). A TDM version is planned and will be released at a later time for an additional charge.
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