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KResearch KR-Fatter STR

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KResearch KR-Fatter STR
News KResearch KR-Fatter STR

Software Exciter/Enhancer from KResearch

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KResearch has announced the release of KR-Fatter STR, a new modular hybrid plug-in processor for Windows and Mac OS X that uses two different proprietary time and frequency domain DSP platforms in a single unit.

KR-Fatter STR can be used to enhance the spectral content of audio signals containing vocal, instrument or synthesized sound recordings, according to KResearch. By using different combinations of the available modules KR-Fatter STR is designed to allow the creation of different effects like Fattening, Spectral Coloring, Imaging, Harmonizing, Pitch Shifting, Delay, Modulation and other Special effects.

The available modules and functions can be employed in both serial and parallel fashion to achieve different results, according to the company. KR-Fatter STR can create up to an additional 4 stereo copies of the input signal which can be processed individually by applying modular effects and mixed together in a final master stereo output bus.

The modular effects available in KR-Fatter STR are:
  • Generic pitch-shifter: generate pitch related variations of the original audio signal.
  • Animated pitch variation: produce animated pitch variations.
  • STR color (STR transform filter): design thousands of different spectral color variations of the original input audio spectrum.
  • Low frequency oscillator (LFO) modulation: give vibrato effect.
  • Phase: add naturally perceived phase related variations.
  • Amplifier: add naturally perceived amplitude related variations.
  • Shelving equalizer (EQ): use to spectrally balance individual channels and/or the whole mix.
  • Delay: use to create delayed copies of the input.
  • Panning: use to create imaging effects or expansion.

Pricing & Availability
Priced at $129, KR-Fatter STR is available now for Windows and Mac OS X in VST and AU plug-in formats. Demo versions are available.
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