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Thread [Getting started] The Top Reverb Plug-ins

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1 [Getting started] The Top Reverb Plug-ins
The Top Reverb Plug-ins
Frequently underestimated by beginners, the quality of a reverb plug-in can make a huge difference in the production of a song. That's why we made a brief review of the most essential plug-ins in this genre.

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You forgot Reverb.it. It's versatile and really smooth. Most reverb plugins I tried, even a couple of the big high-priced ones, had some grainy "digitalness." But Reverb.it doesn't have a trace of that. Reverb.it is only $39, as well. For a long time it was the only plugin I paid for - everything else I used, till I needed some versatile software samplng players, was legally free stuff. Jezar's Freeverb was the one of those that I used the most, till I tried Reverb.it, still my favorite reverb.

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What about Altiverb ?

Altiverb is a convolution reverb. Reverb.it looks interesting !