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Thread Recommend a sequencer?

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1 Recommend a sequencer?
Hello there, I've recently joined a band and want to get a new sequencer to replace my old Cubasis VST and Boss multitracker. Could anyone recommend one? My requirements are as follows:
- musn't be too expensive.
- must accept virtual instrument plug-ins like Halion.
- must be able to transfer files into my bandmate's Cubase SX3, soon to be upgraded to SX4.
- must be capable of MIDI and audio recording so I can record my Korg hardware synth too.

Cubase SX3 is a bit over my budget so I wondered what people thought of Cubase SE/SL? If I used one of these, am I right in thinking I would I still be able to export parts/songs into SX3/4?

Or maybe you'd recommend a different brand like Cakewalk, or even some freeware that can take virtual instruments? All comments gratefully accepted.
take a look at this (cheap):


or search for Cubase SE - $99.95 at zzounds or Musician's Friend. 48 audio tracks, unlimited MIDI tracks, up to 16 VSTI, upward compatible & upgradeable.
Thanks for the tip, I'll definitely look into Energy as it sounds like good value. :)