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Thread getting music from my keyboard onto computer

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1 getting music from my keyboard onto computer
hello this is my first post

i have a question that may sound stupid to most

i have a roland RS70 keyboard that ive been making patterns on for quite some time now , i am ready to get them off the board and into the computer for editing however i dont know what im doing now i tried reason 3 and hit record while playing the pattern but no sound when finished

my question what is how do you get the pattern from th ekeyboard and onto the computer??? HELP ME im wiggin out!!
:)You could try recording your patterns as audio, rather than midi. Does this help you out? (I think the record button in Reason is for automation of controls).
P.S You can import midi files in Fruity Loops, if you could get your pattern files as midi off the keyboard, which I'm sorry, I don't know how to do. Your keyboard dosn't have a USB port, does it?
Good Luck :)
You can't record from a synth to Reason, it only takes midi input.

PC or mac?