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Thread fruityloops question !

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Topic fruityloops question !
I got fruityloops, but my question is how do I import new sounds into it? - i'm looking for some good piano and organ sounds too if anyone has a reccomendation (already have FL keys)
no direspect but id import it in the bin...get ya self reason 3...fruity is a toy.
I beg to differ, curl, Fruity lets you use VSTs. I think both of these programs can be used to great result together. If you want to run samples in Fruity, zarathaz, right click on the instrument name and insert a sampler. Then open that instrument, and click on the folder icon. You can now browse for your sample. Time stretching isn't handled as well as it used to be, and now I have to use Acid to stretch my samples, but maybe you can work it.