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Thread Adobe Audition 2.0 Problem

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1 Adobe Audition 2.0 Problem
I am using Adobe Audition 2.0. We have recorded some drums and a guitar and found that everytime we stopped and re-started a recording Adobe produced a number of WAV files for each individual track. Now in Multitrack view it shows where each WAV begins and ends on 1 track(i.e. punch ins) Bottom line is how do you merge all of those WAV to 1 consistent WAV so I don't have to apply editing to 5 different wav files for 1 Track. We recorded Guitar, Snare, Tom 1, Tom 2, Tom 3, Overhead Left, Overhead Right and Kick. The WAV's it produced, because we started over a few times and did a few mid-song punch ins, looks like below:

Tom 1_1
Tom 1_2
Tom 1_3
Tom 1_4
Tom 1_5
All of these WAV's are not necessary, we only want 1 Snare WAV, 1 TOM 1 WAV, etc etc.

In Cool Edit Pro 2.1 or 2.0 no matter how many times you stop and start a particular track recording, it only creates 1 WAV file. How do you do this with Adobe Audition 2.0 so I don't have multiple WAV's for 1 track recording..... this is very annoying and space wasteful. How do you Merge all of the WAV's per track into 1 Big WAV, mostly so we don't have to go thru each track 5 times to add effects for instance all for 1 track.

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i see no problem in the creation of those wave files... why wouldn't you want to save what you record??

if you want a single wave, just export a mixdown. its that simple.