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Thread Hercules 16/12fw connectivity problem

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1 Hercules 16/12fw connectivity problem
Hello guys

I am facing the same problem since i bought 16/12fw card. Everytime that i try to power up the card the pc doesnt recognize the card

and also the hercules mixer shows "No card Found" . THis problem i solved it by pluging and unpluging the firewire cable everytime ive

restarted the pc . THe card is completely stable @ Nuendo and Acid at 96khz recording all the time. The problem is that i formated the pc

and i reinstalled the card . So far so good. I installed the drivers but there was another problem again . Everytime the card was open and

i was unplugging her the pc whent down . Also that happens when the card is on and i push the power button to turn the card off. THis is

pretty annoying coz i cant work!

For firewire controller i use the sound blaster audigy firewire controller coz my mobo doesnt has an onboard one. Maybe thats the prob

I need another controller . . . Any ideas ? Please help ...
i had the same identical problem with a motu 2408, VERY annoying.
then one day i changed my mother board, and i never had that problem again. ever!
very likely you are having hardware incompatibility problems.