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Thread REASON 3.0--> Volume Level Problem! PLEASE HELP!!!

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1 REASON 3.0--> Volume Level Problem! PLEASE HELP!!!
Am I helpless? I have created many songs with Reason 3.0, but each of them (even if I tried mixing them differently) do not have the same volume level than tracks on CDs (for example 50 cent). How the hell is it I cant reach this volume level without my program CLIPPING the sound. It seems odd to have to buy another program to further mix my tracks. I've tried everything, but I wont give up. PLEASE HELP! (I know about the combinator mastering suites and their Maximisers and everything, but a maximiser still CLIPS the sound, and I dont want that! They distortion the sound and your track doesn't sound the same at all! I tell you, I've tried what is logic to try, please give me a hand, I would be most pleased!) It might be that it is with another mixing program (such as ProTools) that "I can Pump Up the Volume". Waiting for your help!

cds like 50 cent are pumped up by professional mastering sessions.
the best you can do is get a loudness maximizer, but you alone will NEVER get a cd to sound as loud as a commercial one.
Hey, thaks. That's quite a relief, except for the fact you said I could NEVER do it by myself. That sucks... What kind of mastering program (session) would do the job you think? I really want to start my own studio... but have the cash right now to start with professional non-computer programs to master songs... Do you have any ideas of programs? Not the most expensive for now though...hehe... I know that if I want the quality 50 cent has, I'll need to pay full price, but I'm sure there are many mixing programs like protools that would work? No? Please right again! Thanks for your time!
Sorry, that was : I Dont Have the Cash...:(
since you're working with reason, i suggest you use WaveLab to master your mixdown tracks.
The 'peak master' plugin (included in wavelab) should give you the volume you want. watch your eq! you don't want digital distortion, trust me.