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Thread Using reason 3.0 possible to use 2 redrum drum computers?

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1 Using reason 3.0 possible to use 2 redrum drum computers?
Using reason 3.0 im trying to use 2 redrum drum computers at once but no sound is being produced by the 2nd one???? for example i open redrum 1 and it appears in the mixer and sound is produced, but when i open redrum 2 it dosent appear in the mixer and no sound is produced??? its fustrating because i want to put samples eg. voice wavs like off movies in the 1st redrum drum computer and in the 2nd redrum drum computer i want to play the beats, really confused i hope this makes sense people!!!:(
yes you should be able to do this. i do it all the time with no problems
make sure its not muted and the volumes up. and its playing. and no tracjs are soloed
I use reason 3.0 alot, and i've had even 3 or 4 red drum machines loaded. I like to do my tom rolls in a separate red drum, jus to keep track of drops and such. Good luck...

Yes of course you can.

simply create two - they'll automatically link to two different channels in your mixer.

I'm going to create a basic reason tutorial - a how-to guide to getting started, i'll post a link once its done.

Perss the tab button and see it's route to as you want or
send your file to
buddhikaperera@hotmail.com :D:D
.I am a master of reason 3.0 .Send your question to there :D:D:D