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Thread Helpeth Me Pleaseth!!

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Topic Helpeth Me Pleaseth!!
Sup Guys.. In Reason 3.0 When i put about 15 o 20 instruments in an orchestral peice... it says that my computer is too slow to run it and it sounds all wierd..

My Specs are 1.8 GHtz Processor
1 gig Of Ram..
A really good sound card
and thats all thats really needed.

I was thinking about upgrading to 2gig of ram, will that fix it, or will upgrading the processor to say...3 GHtz be better, or both? please help!
It sounds like you need more RAM. Changing your processor won't make much of a difference if you don't upgrade your RAM. Your RAM is a buffer. Think of it as a funnel. Imagine having a very fast processor pusing lots of data through a tiny hole. If you upgrade the RAM, it'll open up the hole a bit.
You can also try stopping of some of your unnecessary background apps by going through ctrl-alt-del or msconfig. See if that helps, too.
If all fails, then perhaps upgrading the CPU will do the trick.
Thanks man, i'll get an extra gig of ram, see if that helps, god bless!