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Thread Pro Tools LE

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1 Pro Tools LE
I just recently went to a studio for the first time and bascially realized how awesome it would be to learn more into recording. I have gotten to mess with some Pro Tools LE demo versions and I really like it. How much does Pro Tools LE usually run for these days?

There is a free version of protools available somewhere! Not as complete as the full version but enough to have a lot of fun.
pro tools free only runs on OS 9, what do you have?
Couple of clarifications:

PT Free runs on Win98 as well...just don't try it on WinXP, you'll be wasting your time. You can get resale MBox's to start out with PTLE for $350 on EBay. I started this way a year ago and 2 months ago upgraded to the 002r.

PT LE can handle up to 32 inputs, but you have to be creative about it. I have the Digi002r, and an Alesis AI3 - Analog/Adat for 8 more inputs. That gives me 16 simultaneous inputs and I'm a synth player, so I utilize most of them as well as use a pair for FX returns. All that for less than $1500 (002r was $1195 and the AI3 was $300).

Most of my mixing is mouse based, but when I need faders I have the MotorMix (they resell on ebay for $300-$400). and you can gang up to 3 of them together for 24 tracks.

All this 002r (8 inputs with ADAT), AI3(8 inputs of ADAT or Analog) and a Motor Mix for less than $2000 which is what a Digi 002 would set you back.

My 2 cents, your mileage may vary,

Bodie aka
Bodacious Maximus of Make Some Noize Studios