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Thread Cubase SX 2.0

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1 Cubase SX 2.0
What exactly do u guys know about cubases' probs?
I'm using SX 2.0 and it crashes sometimes....
can u help me please?
I'm running: Xp Pro
512 RAM
SB Live! 4.1

Thank you
I use Cubase sx 2 too, with the upgrade and I see that it crashes many times.... the only way I found to work well is to wait after each command you make...

In fact, if you note in the performance window, you can see that even if you only push "play", the CPU goes to the max level.

I think that PC crashes for bad management of system resurces (a bug due to the complexity of the program), so you have to make action very slowly.

I hope you understand me beside my English... :rolleyes: if not tell me and I try to find a translator....

P.S.... try Logic.... it's better ;)
thanx for the reply!

your english is good, i could understand u perfectly!

if u want a translator go to BABYLON


do you use an ASIO 2.0 sound card? that is the question

With Direct X sound cards, cubase often craches
To ease up things for XP users; tuning for DAW

I've changed from 1.01 to 2.0, two days later I did a clean install and went back to 1.01. 2.0 is not stable
regards pax
When i was using Cubase SX with the Creative Live! 5.1 system - it would crash all the time if you were in a rush to perform memory intesive actions. Now i am using the Edirol UA 1000 audio interface and it runs like a dream. I dont the technicalities of this but its the only thing in my system that has changed so i assume this was the fix.

All in all it has made recording a more pleasurable experience - nothing worse than having to reload all the time and do production work you have already done!

Using audition(great editer) hassle free 4 a while now until i throw a delta 44(with latest drivers) and sx2 into the equation now audition needs 2 be installed every time i need 2 use it ! Other wise the exe just wont run (not even an error message!) think it may be that sx2 uses and modifies a file that audition needs but how 2 get round this HELP!