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Thread Protools LE 6.4

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1 Protools LE 6.4
Hey guys,
I'm using Reason 2.5 and I just got an MBox with Pro Tools LE 6.4. Is anyone else using this combonation? I love my Reason 2.5, but I'm having kind of a hard time with Pro Tools. Maybe I should have went Cubase?
What sort of problems are you having with Pro-tools?
I guess its not really problems, its more useability. I guess I'm having a hard time figuring out how to edit my music using rewire into protools. Is Pro Tools really just plugins?
I began using Pro-tools simply because it was the "industry standard" and when I began working in the studio, I wanted to get some extra practice. Unfortunately, I use it more for recording audio than MIDI. Our in-house track maker is more Keyboard based rather than Computer based in his sequencing, so we just dump the tracks as audio into pro-tools or as a stereo track and then add the recording.

It is a very good program, however I have my own issues with the hardware compatibilty. If you're looking to learn the program rather than buying something new, I'd suggest the following book:

Pro Tools 6 for Macintosh and Windows (Visual QuickStart Guide)

You can usually get it used for under $10 and it has really been a lifesaver for me, I have one at home and one at the desk in the studio.

Also, Digidesign has a User Conference you can join through their website that is specifically geared to which pro-tools system you have as well as what OS you're using.

Hope this helps, sorry I couldn't be more informative

No, you were very informative and helpful. I will try to pick up that book you suggested. I appreciate your help!