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Thread making music from scratch?

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1 making music from scratch?
what kind of virtual studio or whatever do i need if i want to be making music from scratch. Im not looking for the techno scene at all, im thinking more along the lines of acustic guitar or piano, ect. is there a program that will play these istruments for me?
ta in advance
jazz, trumpets and such.
Hello Damon,

If you just want to work on the composition and to have an idea of what the different instruments are playing, you just need an editor. In this case, you will to compose all the parts and a simple midi editor is enough. Sonar, Cubase, Logic etc... are ok for these job.

If you want a more accurate rendering for the sound of each instrument... you need to use virtual instruments. You will find good bundles with Sonar for ex. You will have an audio editor, a midi editor, some effects and some virtual instruments. If you are a musician, I think Sonar has a better ergonomy than Cubase, Logic or other...

If you don't want to program all the parts, you can choose arrangers. For exemple, Virtual Guitarist is perfect to generate a guitar part realy quickly.

What are you looking for? You prefer use your computer as an editor, and you would like to program all the event? Or do you prefer a simple arranger to make quick preview?
Well, Im in a singing group and at the moment everything we do is acapella.
We want to be able to use a computer as a complete studio so we can sing to music played by instruments like piano, trumpets, guitar, ect.
Basicly im looking for an alternative to finding extra members of our band to play these things for us.
I figure if a computer can play the instruments for us then thats perfect.

Any sugestions?

Reason from propellerhead........


let's you use any thinkable instrument........
(if you have al the samples of course)
but it includes: strings, piano, bass etc.

so.......try it...

it seems as if i have been pushing reason in just about every post i have written over the past couple of day, but damn! this is such a great software. if your really wanting to get busy composing without having to learn a lot about midi, reason is the way to go.
Yep Reason is tha bomb...
Just seeing it is great!....check www.propellerheads.se
anyone tell me what a prgram i can get for my comp so that someone can spit into the mic and it records over instrumentals or homade music? and i can listen to the finished product and delete it if i want n not delete the beat just that voice set?? anyone help?
Any Multitrack program.....

Nuendo, Digital Orchestra Plus(very simple and small), Cool Edit etc etc
alright anothr good one is from fruityloops.com thanks