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Thread M-Audio Trigger Finger + Reason 3.0 PC... HELP!!!

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1 M-Audio Trigger Finger + Reason 3.0 PC... HELP!!!
Hi, first off great board, you guys rock. Second, my problem! I am using an M-Audio Trigger finger to trigger notes off of redrum, nn-xt, etc, but I can't get my trigger finger to work correctly. I have downloaded and installed all drivers, and the Enigma software. The Enigma program says it registers the changes i made in the trigger finger and sends the data, but when i open reason, nothing i changed happens. i mean, i saved the changes in enigma, recalled the correct program, but still i can't get the pads to trigger sounds. is there any simple way to just get my trigger finger pads to play drum sounds???!?!?!? I'm seriously considering returning it, because i just can't get it to work and it's very frustrating when you do EVERYTHING m-audio tells you to and it still won't do anything but change random parameters.
um... bump? help?