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Thread [Getting started] The Best DAWs

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Topic [Getting started] The Best DAWs
The Best DAWs
The DAW is the heart of modern home studios. A sequencer isn't something you should buy carelessly because it impacts the way you work – the whole process, from the idea to its realization. Here is a brief introduction to the 18 best sequencers on the market, in no particular order of course.

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1º = Sony Media Software Acid ? mmmmmmmmm ok
It's the first on the list, not the first on a podium.
It's been a LONG time since I started arranging and producing music with Pro Tools. A lot of these options weren't even available back then, and I find myself wondering what I would choose if I were starting fresh today, like so many guys are. Anyway, it's nice to have this laundry list of options for those who are preparing to take the plunge - what a confusing bunch of options if you don't have someone you trust to kibitz!
 found this post very helpful this MR. Teignos has written a very well thought out article. Im not sure if any ones aware of this but I thought I share my experiences and what has worked for me. I can speak from experience I was an amateur just a few months ago and starting up was very daunting but the software.Then I did some research online , and found a program that was really good and pretty intuitive software I became pretty decent in a few days. 
Which is most important to me for beginners is ease of use. The program that I used was actually a really good entry level software you can make samples, and it generates a solid sound.  I wasn't expecting it to be so great but it really surprised me. Works very well for my midi controller and pads.. (MPK 25) I bought it from this website here http://makemagicmusic.net/ . I used them as a beginner and still use today,anyways hope this helps someone some how. Again great article. Thanks for putting together .. INTRESTING TO SEE WHAT OTHER USE
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World Peace.

Glad you found the article helpful. Thanks for your input.
The Cakewalk is no more owned by Roland but Gibson.
Quote from milan.palicka.3:
The Cakewalk is no more owned by Roland but Gibson.

Cakewalk was purchased by Gibson on September 26th 2013. This article was posted on May 27th, 2013....

Cubase at 2. I realy loved cubase/nuendo but they messed things up by releasing version 7.
The new mixer window is black!

Now i use mixbus by harisson consoles

It's not about what you got to use ....    but how you use what you got...

Now i use mixbus by harisson consoles

Interesting. How do you like it, and what made you choose it over other DAWs? Was it the "old-school" console vibe it has?