Blue Cat Audio Analysis Pack
Blue Cat Audio Analysis Pack

Analysis Pack, Tuner from Blue Cat Audio.

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Blue Cat Updates Analysis Pack

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Blue Cat Audio has released a new version of its 6 audio analysis plugins.

These plug-ins are now available in  virtually any format: this new version includes RTAS plugin format support for Pro Tools (Mac and PC). It also brings 64-bit support for DirectX and VST versions under Windows x64, and 64-bit Audio Units  support under Snow Leopard (for Logic 9.1 users running in 64-bit mode).

These audio analysis plugins offering original interaction  capabilities are available as a single bundle (Blue Cat's Analysis   Pack) or separately. The bundle contains an audio level  meter, spectrum and stereo field analyzers with 3D viewing   capabilities, and a multiple tracks oscilloscope. While the "Multi"   series propose simultaneous multiple tracks analysis with multiple instances linking support, the "Pro" series let you extract parameters from the incoming audio signal and record them as automation curves or send them as MIDI CC messages. Typical applications are the creation of unique side chaining effects or signal-based external hardware control.

Demo versions are available for download on, and the site offers many tutorials to get started with these plugins on various platforms.

What's new:
  • RTAS plugin format support for Pro Tools (Mac and Windows).
  • 64-bit applications support for Windows DX and VST under Windows x64.
  • Mac AU 64-bit format support (compatible with 64-bit Logic 9.1 on
Snow Leopard)
  • Fixed MIDI learn issues.
  • Space bar does not trigger plug-in buttons anymore (avoids conflict
with transport control in most applications).
  • Mac: fixed user interface crashes in some hosts under Snow Leopard.
  • Mac: fixed keyboard/mouse focus issues in some hosts.
  • Mac: fixed user interface crashes in some hosts, when used with
particular display settings.
  • Mac-AU: fixed user interface resizing issue when changing skin in
some hosts (Logic).
  • Mac-AU: fixed settings lost issue when doing offline rendering in
some applications.

Blue Cat's Analysis Pack link:

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