Elemental Audio Systems Inspector [Freeware]
Elemental Audio Systems Inspector [Freeware]

Inspector [Freeware], Tuner from Elemental Audio Systems.

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disconect 12/25/2003

Elemental Audio Systems Inspector [Freeware] : disconect's user review


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Pb-free installation / No incompatibilitbr /> Configuration usually very easy
Not read the manual so I do not judge ... ;-)


Config: PIVm 1.8 Ghz / 512 DDR / 4200 rev / min / Echo Layla 24 Laptop
Nikel software works on this configuration.
No pb performance, completely stable, very practical ....


I use it for about 2 months
The pros: free, simple, fast ...
the -: bah .... there is not, I wanted to analyze a spectrum of simple and effective and that ...
I have not tried other models, compared qualitprix unbeatable (necessarily it's freeware ..)

Clips is ancient history :-)